Contact information

Tlf. 913 73 304

Cafeteria manager Bodø
Ann-Kristin Evjen
Tlf. 900 66 657

Food and berverage manager 
Rikke Waldemarsen
Tlf. 957 52 706

Åpningstider/Opening hours

  • Hovedkantina 8.00 - 17.00
    (fredag/Friday 8.00 - 16.00)
  • Alexandria 7.30 - 14.30
    (fredag/Friday 07.30 - 14.00)
  • Kasjotten 09.30 - 13.00
  • Pennalet 07.45 - 12.00
    (fredag stengt / closed on Fridays)

Studentinord has five cafeterias at Nord University, Bodø campus and the Police Academy. The main cafeteria has hot lunches, a salad bar and dinner meals available.

2016-04-0109:15 Line Johansen

Hovedkantina (which means the main cafeteria) is in a separate building outside of entrance B. Hovedkantina is our biggest outlet and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner from buffet. You will also find a salad bar and a yoghurt bar. Hovedkantina produces and supplies food to the other outlets.

Alexandria is in «gråsonen» (the grey zone) by the bookstore. Alexandria serves many varieties of coffee, along with breakfast, cold lunches and snacks.

Pennalet is located at the teacher education, entry D/E. Pennalet offers tasty pies that are perfect for breakfast or lunch. You also get freshly baked products, protein porridge and a selection of juices, organic ice tea and other beverages.

Kasjotten is located in Mørkvedgården and is run for the Police Academy. Kasjotten is a simple Cafeteria outlet that offers sandwiches, warm lunches, cold drinks and snacks.

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