Privacy policy for Nord studentsamskipnad (Studentinord).

Updated 29 June 2018.

1. Framework for data protection

This privacy poplicy describes how Nord studentsamskipnad (Studentinord) gathers, handles, shares and stores personal data about our customers. Personal data is information and evaluations that can be connected to an identifiable person. This could be name, address, contact information, IP-address and customer/membership history.

Privacy information is handled in accordance with Norwegian laws on privacy, accounting and other relevant laws concerning data protection, The European Union’s General Data Protection Regilation (GDPR). Where gathering, handling and storage is not authorized by law or specified in an agreement or contract you sign as a customer, Studentinord will ask for your consent.

2. The purpose of gathering personal data

Studentinord gathers personal data about our customers to enable us to offer as good services as possible. Gathering and handling personal data improves the information that customers get about our services and offers, and makes self service of applications, membership, agreements and tenancies easier.

By using Studentinord’s (digital) services you make it necessary for Studentinord to process your personal data.

3. Your rights

You have the right to

  • Withdraw and change your personal data
  • Have your personal data deleted
  • Have incorrect personal data corrected
  • Get access to the personal data Studentinord has stored about you
  • Demand that the personal data Studentinord has stored about you get transferred to a third party of your choice.
  • File a compleint to The Norwegian Data Proection Authority (DPA – «Datatilsynet») if you find that Studentinord does not handle your personal data in a legal manner.

You can arrange access, correction and deletion of data, as well as edit your consents via the user accounts you have created at apps and/or web services where Studentinord offer our services, or by contacting Studentinord at

4. What kind of personal data is stored and processed?

Tenants at a Studentinord student home: When applyingfor student accommodation the applicants must register personal data. Studentinord uses these data to handle applications, and to give applicants and tenants relevant information at the right times.

Parents with children in Studentinord’s kindergartens: Admission is arranged through the host municipalities’ application services, and follow the municipalities’ guidelines.  Parents are asked to register with personal data in services MyKid (Bodø) and eBarnehage (Trøndelag). This is necessary for satisfactory and secure communication between the kindergartens and the parents.

By use of Studentinord’s health services: The services that are regulated by the Norwegian health laws (Pasientjournalloven) are handled accordingly, and are kept apart from Studentinord’s other data. Participants in courses etc. held by Studentinord approves of Studentinords handling of personal by consent when signing up.

Studentinord also conveys information, offers and registrations through other services (apps) from external contractors (e.g. Akademika-app, Infoskjermen Go, eBillett, booking for counselling services, booking of leisure equipment). These services may demand that hte users register personal data. The processing of these data is regulated by data processing agreements between Studentinord and the various contractors. The personal data gathered through these services are not used for other purposes than those stated at each singular service/app, e.g. registering participants in a course.    

Studentinord may send surveys to customers who have registered their email address when using our services, with the purpose of collectiong feedback to our services. Studentinord may also participate in surveys that Nord University send to students that have registered their contact information in the university’s student archive.

The website stores cookies. Your computer may store cookies to enable websites to remember your preferences over time based on your previous use of the website. We refer our website agency Seria and The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) for more information about regulation of cookies  

Studentinord uses Google Analytics to gather information about yout activity at the website  We create statistics and analyse ze this information in order to improve the user experioence. 

5. How will Studentinord use your personal data?

The personal data that we collect, data that you have registered as a customer, tenant etc., are used to fulfill our obligations to you, give you relevant information at the right time, and to develop and improve our services.

Studentinord uses the personal data to provide offers and communication according to the consents you have given. You can at any time change or withdraw your consents. We will then change/delete your personal data according to your updated consents.

We may:

  • Use your contact infromation to send you information, and to invite you to surveys and other evaluation processes.
  • Use your other contact information you have registered by use of our services, e.g. phone number or email, to market Studentinord’s services.
  • Use your presonal data and information about your use of Studentinord’s services anonymously to improve our decision making regarding sales, marketing and product development.

6. Storing and deletion of personal data

Studentinord will store personal data for up to six months after a customer relation has ended. After six months all personal data about you will be deleted, except data that we are required to store by Norwegian law (Bokføringsloven and Pasientjournalloven).

The deletions are carried out manually at once per academic semester. The deletions are controlled by the person appointed as responsible for handling personal data.

7. Responsible body for data processing

According to Norwegian law, Studentinord is the responsible body for handling personal data. The CEO of Studentinord has the authority to act as responsible for handling personal data on behalf of Studentinord. Responsibility for handling data within the various service areas may be delegated to the Head of the relevant department.

In case your personal data is shared with Studentinord’s service providers (third parties), the service provider in question will be responsible for handling the data, and Studentinord will define the responsibility for the service provider’s handling of personal data through agreements on data processing. 

8. Who does Studentinord share personal data with (extradition)

Studentinord can in certain cases, regulated by Norwegian law, submit personal data to the Authorities (Goverment). Studentinord does not share your personal data for commercial or marketing purposes without your consent.

9. Who handle your personal data? (data processors)

Studentinord may use external sub contractors to provide, develop and improve our services. These service providers do not have access or permission to use your personal data for other purposes. The service providers may act as data processors while Studentinord remains the responsible body for data processing. Studentinord will make agreements on data processing with all third parties that receive, processs or store personal data from Studentinord.

10. Security

Studentinord has an agreement with Nord University regarding management of email systems and other ICT-services. The agreements also comprise an agreement on data processing between Nord University and Studentinord, where ICT-regulations for both institutions are described.

Personal data that Studentinord collects outside our service prividers’ responsibility areas are stored on Nord University’s servers.

11. Social Media

Studentinord publishes news on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Studentinord will not publish personal data in these channels, but we may use feedback from our followers to improve our services.

Applications for social media are managed by third parties. Your use of such applications are regulated by the privacy policies of the companies behind them.

12. Changes

Studentinord and our service providers (apps, websites, services) may change the terms of consent and privacy policies to comply with new legal demands, or base don changes in our practice of gathering and processing personal data. In case changest hat require your consent occur, you will be asked to give your consent to the updated terms when signing in to the relevant services before the changes are implemented.

Information about other changes will be updated in the privacy policy at

13. Our obligations

When using Studentinord’s services you can be sure that we take responsibility for protecting your personal data. You can trust that we gather, process and protect your personal data in a safe and professional way.

Studentinord guarantees

  • To be open about how we gather, process and store your personal data
  • To only use your personal data for the purpose to which they were collected
  • To not collect or process more personal data than we need to be able to offer you relevant services, or what you have given your consent to.

According to the laws regulating personal data you have the right to view your personal data and the right to demand that we delete, change or extradite your personal data, as long as the demand is not in conflict with other laws. 

You can manage your consents by signing in to the platforms, apps etc. that you apply when using Studentinord’s services.

You can view other stored personal data, if relevant, by contacting Studentinord. Please do also contact Studentinord if you demand that we delete, change or extradite your personal data. If you have inquiries regarding personal data, please send an email to, with «personal data» as the subject.

You can complain about Studentinord’s processing of your personal data to

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet)
phone: (+47) 22 39 69 00