Guidelines for infection control, and quarantine instructions at the student homes

What applies if you are quarantined, what can you do to help reduce the risk of infection, and who do you notify if you are infected?

2020-03-1717:02 Ane Karlsen

Studentinord follows recommendations from the Government and local authorities in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus, and based on this we present an instruction for residents of our student homes.

Report symptoms and infection

  • Students who are ill and who suspect they may are infected by corona virus, or who believe they may have developed Covid 19 disease, should contact their GP, or call the emergency room on telephone 116117. In Bodø you must call the corona telephone at +47 75 59 33 10.
  • Always contact the Housing Office or security company immediately if you test positive, are close contact, or have symptoms of corona.

The information you provide us will help us maintain a good overview, and provide us with a basis for assessing infection control measures.

In case of Covid-19 and isolation

If a resident is diagnosed with Covid-19, he or she will be placed in isolation. If the person in question shares a kitchen or bathroom with others, the infected person will be moved to a home that is approved for isolation, or alternatively to a hotel.

If the infected person shares a kitchen or bathroom with other residents, they are asked to be quarantined until the situation has been clarified with the infection tracking team. The infection tracking team in the municipality is responsible for following up close contacts, and decides who must continue to be quarantined.

Common areas and kitchens the infected person is connected to will be cleaned down by an external infection control team with approved protective equipment. This team is also responsible for further infection cleaning and weekly cleaning during the quarantine period.

If you are quarantined in a student home, the following applies

  • Please contact the Housing office at tel. +47 476 20 800 (press 1 for housing), or by e-mail: It is necessary for us to keep an overview of the situation for our residents at all times.
  • If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during the quarantine period, you must contact the Housing Office as soon as possible.
  • When using a communal kitchen, communal laundry, etc. the following applies:
    • Face mask and disposable gloves must be used. At larger facilities, Studentinord will, if possible, provide this equipment.
    • Spend as little time as possible, and also make sure to be alone in the room.
    • Carefully clean / disinfect all surfaces, door handles and contact points before returning to your room.
    • Use only the kitchen your room belong to 
  • When you are going in and out of your home, if possible, use the fire escape (outside stairway), and avoid the main entrance. In Mørkvedlia (Bodø) you can validate the keyfob on the main reader and use the back entrance.
  • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Where residents are in quarantine, weekly cleaning will be taken care of by an external infection control team, and kitchen inspections will not be performed during the quarantine period.
    • Elevators, laundry, kitchens and other common areas are regularly disinfected by "fogging" the area.
    • Personnel from Studentinord are to work as little as possible on areas connected to residents in quarantine. Minor error messages can therefore be put on hold until the quarantine period is over. Error messages that can lead to personal injury, which is critical for the resident's use of the home, or to the detriment of the property, will be taken care of.
  • Try to make arrangements with your network to shop for groceries and do laundry. You can also search the web for grocery stores in your area that can deliver food at your door.
  • Contact us at if you have problems following the instructions or if you have any other questions.
  • Find more information from the municipality where your campus is located, and see an overview of grocery stores that offer home delivery service: Practical information in case of quarantine or isolation 

Stay updated at NIPH

Information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health - NIPH is constantly updated, and it is important that you visit these pages regularly to know what applies at all times.

What can you do to reduce the risk of infection?

In order to help reduce the spread of the virus there are several things you can do.

  • Social gatherings
    Show consideration, keep your distance - and follow current rules and guidelines. Read advice from NIPH here.
  • Personal hygiene
    We also encourage each resident to be extra careful about personal hygiene and hand washing.
  • Shared Kitchen
    It is important that you keep common areas extra tidy, and kitchen counters free of cups and tubs, so that it is easier for you, your fellow residents and possibly cleaning staff, to come to for cleaning. Pay extra attention to kitchen hygiene.
  • Shared bathroom / WC
    If you share a bathroom or WC with others, it is especially important that you take care of both personal hygiene and hand washing, but also make sure that touch points and surfaces such as toilets / flush buttons, sink, faucet, door handles etc. are washed more often, preferably on a daily basis.

Studentinord enhances the cleaning during high infection pressure

Studentinord has a strong focus on cleaning at the student homes, and new measures are being evaluated on an ongoing basis.

During times with high infection preassure most common areas in our housing units, which are not part of the residents' primary area, are closed to prevent the spread of infection. In areas that are not closed such as entrance, laundry, mail room and common kitchens, we strive for spot washing to be carried out on a daily basis.

We have a particular focus on cleaning handrails, door handles and door knobs, common toilets, laundries and washing machines, light switches, and other contact points.

At some student homes we provide shared cleaning equipment, and we will work to make disposable gloves and disposable cloths available at these homes.

Do you need someone to talk to?

Our Student Counsellors are available for all students, and please know that no questions are too small or too big to ask them. 

Read more and book an appiontment with the Counsellors here.

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