Rabben Student Kindergarten

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Engveien 18
8700 NESNA


Tel. 75 05 75 00/ 41 65 06 35

Manager: Kristin Svaleng

Opening hours

7:15 am – 4.15 pm

The student kindergarten Rabben in Nesna is a two-department kindergarten with 46 places in total. One department is for children under 3 years old and the other department is for the rest. The day care is primarily for the children of students attending the university, but it also open for others who need our services.

2016-04-1410:22 Line Johansen

At Rabben Student Kindergarten we see happiness, humour, prosperity and safety as key to creating a good learning environment. Language development, outdoor activities and creativity are also very important.


We have many good hiking destinations in the immediate vicinity and we use these actively. We have access to a swimming pool and have various indoor and outdoor projects. In addition we have a pre-school club for the pre-schoolers and adapted language groups.


The kindergarten also has an offer for students who are at the university part time. You still have to apply using the application form if you wish to use it part time. We recommend that you apply early, as we have a limited number of places available for part time applicants. 

The day care has a high degree of flexibility and can adapt to the needs of the child.


Regular place: Kr. 2730,-

Additional cost for meals: Kr. 250,- per month.

For students attending part time: Kr. 25,- per hour, including dietary funds.


The application deadline is 15 March, as we assign places before Easter each year. Places outside of the deadline will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Use this form or contact us (or Nesna municipality’s service desk at Tel. 75 06 70 00).

If you wish to visit to see how we run our day care, you are more than welcome to do so!


Rabben Studentbarnehage

Engveien 18
8700 NESNA

Tel. 75 05 75 00/ 41 65 06 35
E-mail: kristin.svaleng@studentinord.no
Manager: Kristin Svaleng

Opening hours: 07.15 – 16.15 (7.15am – 4.15pm)

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