Recycling at student homes in Bodø

What do we recycle, and what happens to the waste?

New recycling system at Flatvold and Mørkvedlia

Join us in our attempt at regaining 70 % of all the waste materials in Bodø! Now you can recycle food waste and plastic waste in addition to paper/cardboard, glass and metal packaging, and residual waste.

Use your key fob to open the waste containers.

What to recycle

At the student home you must recycle clean paper / cardboard, rinsed and clean glass and metal packaging, and remaining waste.

At some student homes, small recycling arrangements have been installed, where you can throw batteries and small items of electroncal waste. If it is not available at your home, we recommend that you hand it in at your nearest recycling center.

Residents are free to establish their own arrangements for, for example, plastic recycling, and must then take responsibility for delivering this at the recycling center.

The most important thing you can do for the environment is to follow the recycling system at your student home, and make sure the garbage you want to recycle is clean. You may read more about recycling, and what really is clean enough at (in Norwegian).

Creates new values of everything, also from the remaining waste

  • Clean cardboard and paper become new paper products, such as pizza boxes or milk cartons.
  • Clean glass, metal packaging and canned food boxes are turned into new glass products, insulation, metal, nails, bicycle parts etc.
  • Batteries and electronical waste can become new products for the steel industry, iron, or jewelry and medals.

The renovation company manages to create new values ​​of all the waste they receive, including the general / remaining waste. Today, the remaining waste is sent to combustion which in turn becomes new energy.

Because more and more of you students are showing increased interest in recycling, Studentinord is continuously working with the renovation company to find possible new solutions.

3 green arrows in a circle that symbolize recycling and different types of garbage around

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