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We have available places for 2022-23! Røstad Student Kindergarten is located on Campus Levanger.

4/14/169:13 AM Erling Rognes Solbu

The kindergarten has a great location in the idyllic surroundings of the Røstad campus at Levanger. We have the large university park area, the beach and hiking trails in the Røstad area in our immediate surroundings. Downtown Levanger is also close.

The kindergarten has two departments. Revehiet is for children, between 0-3 years old. In Revehiet, there are nine toddlers and three adults. Hesthagan is for children between 2-6 years old. Here, we have eighteen children and three adults. 

OPEN FOR all – but especially customized for student families

All parents can apply for a place in the student kindergarten. If you are a student parent you choosing the student kindergarten can give you some extra benefits. You will meet other parents in the same situation, and the staff creates conditions for networking and making friends.  

extra benefits for student parents:

  • You get the exam guarrantee. This means that if your child is ill on your exam day, a staff member can come to your home and look after the child, so that you can participate in the exam.
  • You can get a place for children that are younger than 1 year.
  • During exam or professional practice periods we can arrange for flexible opening hours.

The student kindergarten is run by Studentinord, the student welfare organization. We emphasize quality in all kindergarten activities, and do our best to contribute to the parents’ success with their studies. Please note that during the corona pandemic, we have to adapt our services for student parents in accordance with necessary infection control measures.


We strive to create exciting playing environments base don the children’s interests and experiences. Buidling on the cicrle of security, we meet each child with curiousity respect. We observe and reflect, and are active supporters in the children’s playing. Because we see that mastery in playing and interaction creates enthusiasm, happiness, and a feeling of belonging.


The staff consists of 5 pre-school teachers and 5 assistants.


We offer solutions tailored to your needs as a student:

  • Day care places for children under 1 year of age
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Options for 10 or 11-month kindergarten-year
  • We will look after children that are ill on examination days
  • Extended opening hours during the exam period


"Both I and Iver's (1 ½) dad are students. Non of us are from Levanger, so we don't have other family members around to help us out with delivering and picking up at kindergarten in busy periods. So it feels safe and secure that he attends a student kindergarten on the campus where we study, so that we are never far away from him." 
(Madelen, student parent.)


07.00 a.m. – 04.30 p.m.

The day care is opening on all working days during the academic year and is closed during the Christmas and Easter holiday. In addition, the day care is also open on days outside of the academic year for those who need it.


    Please register your application in Levanger Municipality's portal.

    You may contact manager Inger Skjerve Langdal (email / +47 908 69 651) for information about the kindergarten, or if you need assistance with the application.

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