Your safety at the student home

Who can I contact if I don´t feel safe? Who has to pay for damage and vandalism? May I have visitors?

When you live in a Studentinord student home, it is our primary goal that you should enjoy yourself and feel safe. But do you know who you can contact if you experience the opposite? 

When can I call security, and what does it cost? 

Securitas AS is the security company that represents Studentinord outside ordinary opening hours, and it has all the necessary authorizations to handle situations at the student homes. The company is hired by Studentinord, and primarily works to secure the living environment, and to protect values ​​and property.

We encourage all residents to contact the security company in situations where one feels unsafe or afraid. It is free of charge.

The same goes for water leakage, technical problems, domestic disturbances, or anything that can't wait until the next day. You will not receive any invoice for any of this, and we appreciate that you provide us with information so that the issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Contact information

  • The Housing Office is open from 8 a.m. – 3.30 p.m., Monday to Friday, and in case of ergent issues during these hours we ask you to contact us at tel. +47 476 20 800.
  • In case of events outside this period, we want you to contact the security comapny.
  • None-urgent inquiries such as need for a new light bulb, questions about cleaning, storage rent or the like, you may send us via the app Studentinord bolig, under My page - inquiries.

But who will pay for it, then?

You are only liable for problems you yourself caused, such as being locked out / lost the key and you need help to be locked in. See details and pricelist here.

In case of damage and vandalism where the perpetrator is not known, the bill must be covered by the total rent from the residents.

When we have to hire more security guards or cleaning service, the operating expense increases, and that might result in increased rent. Emergency response from security company due to domestic disturbances, lack of cleaning, furniture that has been moved around the building, and garbage and boxes / bottels for recycling that are not taken care of, are other examples of what the rent sometimes has to cover.

Is it okay to have visitors?

You may have guests staying over night in your residence for up to 7 nights, but you must notify the Housing consultants in advance about who is coming and how long they will stay. It is important in case of fire or other emergency situations, that we know who and how many to look for.

If you share kitchen or bathroom with other residents you have to ask them for permission in advance. You cannot have visitors if there is to any inconvenience for others. And if you have a visitor you must be present during the whole stay, and it is your responsibility that your guests follow the Regulations for student residence.

What does Studentinord do for my safety?

We want you to enjoy your stay as much as possible! That is why we have to be strict and ensure that rules are complied with - so that all residents can feel safe.

For example do we have to make sure that strangers doesn`t have free access to enter the homes. In vulnerable places we have mounted alarms on the front doors, and we ask all residents to help keep these doors closed. It is for your own safety.

Studentinord is often present at the housing estates during the day, and we hire guards from security companies during periods when that is needed. Studentinord, or the security company, are always just a phonecall away.

We continuously consider the need for security, and strive for a good cooperation with the residents. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Who else may I speak with if I feel unsafe or have any questions?

Studentinord has many people who care. You are welcome to contact us when you need it.

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