Security guards - for your safety


Report leads to a written warning

The security guards report several large parties at our housing facilities that violate both infection control rules and the regulations for student residence. This is bothering other residents and makes some people feel unsafe in their own home.

This is not acceptable!

If we receive a complaint about you, it will lead to a written warning, and further on to termination of your contract. The same also applies if we get a report on you not obeying orders from a security guard, or you prevent a guard from performing his duties on our properties.

Why do we have security guards

The security guards you meet at the housing facilities represent Studentinord as the landlord, and they have all the necessary authorizations to ensure a safe living environment, and that the regulations for the student housing are followed.

For example, it must be quiet at the facility from 11 p.m. on weekdays, and from 12 midnight on weekends.

Do not hesitate to call the security guards

The guards patrol the facilities, and they are always available by phone. The guards are also available and visible to remind and increase awareness of infection control. If it is embarrassing and uncomfortable to be the one who says that the party must end, or ask others to keep their distance, then feel free to contact the guards, and they will help.

Tel. to security company: +47 992 36 464

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Useful contact information

  • Medical emergency, tel. 116117
  • Police, tel. 112 or 02800
  • Fire, tel. 110
  • Ambulance, tel. 113

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