"Helsestasjon" - student clinic in Steinkjer

The student clinic receives students every Thursday.


Students up to the age of 25 have access to a public clinic for youth and students. The offer is to give students easy access to information, guidance and counselling. The clinic has a special focus upon the body and sexual health.

At the "helsestasjon" you can

  • obtain prescriptions for contracetives, and free condoms
  • take a chlamydia test
  • see a psychologist or a psychiatric nurse
  • have a casual conversation with a nurse or a doctor about sexuality and contraception,
  • get help with other referrals in healthcare.

The clinic for students’ service is free to use.

At the time it is unfortunately not possible to see a doctor at the clinic. This means that services like insertion of a contraceptive coil is tempararily unavailable. 

Temporary opening hours and arrangements

Until further notice we do not offer drop in consultations. If you whish to visit the student clinic, please book beforehand. You may book an appointment with nurse or doctor THURSDAYS 2 PM - 4 PM.

Please book per email to: HFU@steinkjer.kommune.no

Submit name and phone number, and the clinic staff will call you back and give further instructions. Do not send personal information per email. 

Temporary restrictions:

  • If possible, meet for consultation alone
  • If there are other visitors at the clinic, keep a distance.
  • Wash your hands upon arrival. 
  • If you have a cold, or symtoms of respiratory infections you cannot meet for consultation.

Street address: Seilmakergata 10.

Please note that if you suspect that you may be infected by the coronavirus, or have symptoms like coughs, cold, fever etc. you should not visit the student clinic.

Please call the municipal emergency reception, tel. 116117. Call first - don't show up directly. 


Different rules on coverage apply depending on your country of origin and the length of your studies in Norway. Our general advice is to visit the student clinic or our counsellors if you have questions or need assistance in obtaining the proper health treatment.

You can read detailed information at The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Agency (NAV)'s website for international students and the Nordic Social Insurance Portal.

Helsestasjon for studenter
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Regional health centre
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