Steinkjer Student Kindergarten

How to apply

Applications must be registrered through Steinkjer Municipality's application portal. The main application deadline is 1 March, but you can apply until the start of the autumn semester.

Please contact the kindergarten directly by email for information about availability or how to apply. 


Important documents for new parents

Contact us

Office / manager Marthe Bones
email / Tel: 910 01 147

"Hakkespett": tlf. 948 07 709

"Kongle": tlf. 948 34 450

Postal address: Steinkjersannan 6
7713 Steinkjer

You can apply for a place until the start of the academic year.

2016-04-1409:20 Erling Rognes Solbu

The student kindergarten at Steinkjer is a single department day care for children between the ages of 0-6 years. We have room for up to 22 children, depending on their age.

Steinkjer Student Kindergarten is located at a shared location with the larger municipal Steinkjersannan Kindergarten, very close to Nord University. Central Steinkjer with its parks, church, librariy etc. is within walking distance. We also have great hiking destinations nearby. We work closely with Steinkjersannan kindergarten on the programme for the five year olds, who will leave for school the following year.

OPEN FOR all – but especially customized for student families

All parents can apply for a place in the student kindergarten. If you are a student parent you choosing the student kindergarten can give you some extra benefits. You will meet other parents in the same situation, and the staff creates conditions for networking and making friends.  

extra benefits for student parents:

  • You get the exam guarrantee. This means that if your child is ill on your exam day, a staff member can come to your home and look after the child, so that you can participate in the exam.
  • You can get a place for children that are younger than 1 year.
  • During exam or professional practice periods we can arrange for flexible opening hours.

The student kindergarten is run by Studentinord, the student welfare organization. We emphasize quality in all kindergarten activities, and do our best to contribute to the parents’ success with their studies. Please note that during the corona pandemic, we have to adapt our services for student parents in accordance with necessary infection control measures.


We strive to create exciting playing environments base don the children’s interests and experiences. Buidling on the cicrle of security, we meet each child with curiousity respect. We observe and reflect, and are active supporters in the children’s playing. Because we see that mastery in playing and interaction creates enthusiasm, happiness, and a feeling of belonging.

Parents about the kindergarten

"It was the summer of 2018 and we had just moved our little family across the sea, from Iceland to Steinkjer. Kristinn had just been accepted at Nord University and I (Anna Lilja) was and still am a distance student at the University of Iceland and a stay at home mother.

It was a big change for all of us but we were especially worried about our children and how well they would adjust to a new country, new language and a new kindergarten. Our worries quickly vanished when we met the teachers and staff at Studentbarnehagen and we have felt so welcome there. It didn't take long for the kids to feel right at home and it took them about two months to learn Norwegian.

We love how small and personal the kindergarten is and how each of our children gets the attention and care they need. We couldn't have asked for a better place for our kids to play, learn and go on adventures." (Anna Lilja and Kristinn, student parents)

"I've met other parents in similar situations. Several of us are new in town and had no social network when we arrived. We have got funding from Studentinord and arranged barbeques, May 17 celebrations, "Karneval" etc. We get to use the kindergarten for social gatherings" (Karianne, student parent).


Steinkjer Student Kindergarten has five employees. Three of these are pre-school teachers and the other two are assistants. In case of special needs among the children special education staff may come in addition.


The kindergarten is open 7.15 a.m. until 4.15 p.m.

The opening hours may change due to new infection control regulations. Parents will be notified by the kindergarten staff when changes occur. In addition, parents can arrange for an extended stay outside of opening hours with advanced notice.


Applications must be registered in the Steinkjer municipality's application portal. The application deadlin for the main admission was 1 March, but you can apply up until the start of the autumn semester. Please contact the kindergarten directly if you have questions about availability or how to apply.

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