Today's hot lunch in the canteen at campus Stjørdal.

2016-04-1511:24 Erling Rognes Solbu

Lunch menu

11 - 15 October

Monday: Tomato soup  39,- / 45,-

Tuesday: Carbonade sandwich  14,- / 16,20 pr.hg.

Wednesday: Taco  16,- / 18,60 pr.hg. 

Thursday: Burning love  14,- / 16,20 pr.hg.

Friday: Pizza lunch 48,- / 55,-

All prices: student / regular

Catering menu

You may order coffee and waffles for meetings, hot or cold lunch, day packages for courses and conferences and much more. Please contact us for details. 

email / Tel. (+47) 901 72 778

Remember to show student ID

The canteen is open to students, staff and visitors. Remember that you get a student prize by showing a valid student ID.

Good vegetables are served, click to open in lightbox