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Bring your family or friends along to relax, hike, fish, ski, have a party or you can bring your partner for a romantic weekend together.

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The student cabin

The student cabin «Bergstua» is located in Vågan along Norwegian national road (Riksvei) 80 in the direction of Fauske, approximately 17 km from the campus on Mørkved.

The cabin is beautifully situated near the sea, as well as being a good starting point for adventures into the woods. It is best suitable for groups of up to 6 people, but there is enough space for 8 people to spend a night or two.

In 2009, the cabin underwent a total renovation and is now in good condition. It received a new and large terrace, new windows and doors, new kitchen, new interior solutions and new furniture. The cabin has electricity, but no running water. The kitchen is well equipped and there is a TV and stereo. There is one bedroom with a twin over full bunk bed, and a steep staircase takes you to a spacious loft with sleeping areas both to the right and left. The cabin has an outhouse toilet.

Booking and price

The rental price is 250,- NOK per night and 450,- NOK for the weekend (two nights). Deposit 500,- NOK.

Contact the Housing Office for booking. .

What do I bring

You must bring food, drink and a sleeping bag. 

If you don´t have your own equipment you may rent for free at Skattkammeret near campus or at BUA in Bodø city center.

Where do I find the cabin

The student cabin is located in Vågan, approx. 17 km from the campus on Mørkved. It can be a little difficult to see the cabin from the road, so we recommend that you study the map in advance. Search Google Maps on "Bodøveien 2345". Make sure you do not choose Bodøveien Fauske.

  • Going by bus - direction of Fauske, you can get off at «Indre Vågan» or at «Gamøyran». The cabin is located approximately midway between the two stops.

  • Driving by car, take the Norwegian national road (Riksvei) 80 towards Fauske. When you get to a sign that says «Reitan» it's about 1.8 km left.

The cabin is on the left side of the road. After passing under a railway bridge, you reach a long straight stretch. This ends in a slight right turn, and here you have to slow down and be aware. On the left side of the road there is a space where you can park your car. About 600 meters further ahead there is a car park where you can turn the car, if needed.

From the road you follow a red arrow sign and walk up the path into the woods passing two other cabins. After about 100 meters the student cabin appears on your left.

You should see a sign that says "Bergstua". Welcome to the cabin!

Picture from the living room, there is a blue two seater sofa, two gray chairs. The table is in light wood and the curtains are light

A small kitchen, it is bright with a refrigerator and stove. There is also a staircase up to the loft.

Dining table with seating for at least five. It's a dark table

One of the bedrooms, with a read bunk bedThe outdoor toilet, in the door there is a open window shaped as a heart.

 A bright hallway,  there is also a basket of firewood.

Hems, with to beds.

Maps show that it takes 18 minutes to drive the car.
Floor plan student cabin
Floor plan of cabin. The drawing shows how it is furnished in the different rooms. There are several
Floor plan of cabin. The drawing shows how the room distribution is. Simple drawing with illustratio
Map description that shows the landscape around and what number the student cabin has.
Emergency poster
Picture of the emergency poster showing which numbers to call if something should happen. It is also
The cabin is red, the picture was taken in the winter so there is snow around. The cabin is located
Picture of the sign hanging on the fence. The sign it says "Bergstua", we see the red cabin in the b
Picture of a red arrow showing where to go. There is forest around and a lot of snow on the ground.
Picture of the student cabin seen from the outside, it is red with a terrace with yards around. Ther

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