The Student Host in Bodø

The Student Host

You can find the Student Host in the "glass office" by the B-entrance on campus at Mørkved.


phone: 920 67 013

"The new students will get a good start, a great first semester with many new friends and professional development, a good exam and finally a good holiday" -Student Host Øystein Strømsnes

2016-04-0511:20 Line Johansen

It is in the first semester that much of the basis for a happy and rewarding life as a student is added. It is during the first semester you will meet friends for life, it is during the first semester you create the foundation for an active student life and it is in the first semester you start to store the many good memories that you will keep with you the rest of life.

Look for 'First semester' ("FØRSTE SEMESTER") mark for initiatives and events that are tailored to you as a new student. Your first semester is as much about getting to know fellow students, and the town you live in, as it is about getting good grades.


  • We will help you become familiar with as many of your fellow students as possible from the first day onwards.
  • We will arrange “Vrimledager”, where we invite and mingle with associations, clubs and parties who can provide social and rewarding offers outside of your studies in Bodø.
  • We will work with the student representatives at Nord University so that we have the best possible understanding of events in your class.
  • We will arrange “crash courses” in food preparation, cleaning, student economy and insurance so that you are well prepared for your new life as a student.
  • We will help you arrange study groups to ensure that you do your best on your first exams.
  • We organise trips and excursions (such as Arctic Escape) at the start of each semester so that students can get to know each other and can see the district/county at its best.
  • We have hired a student host (studentverten) to act as a liaison between students and the university and Studentinord.


  • Works to ensure that you as a new student find yourself settling in well to student life
  • Works with you as a new student to ensure you know what it takes to succeed at university
  • Works for you at the university so that new students know what the city of Bodø has to offer
  • Is a contact person between students and the university
  • Is a contact person between students and Studentinord
  • Ensures that you know where to go for anything you might need
  • Is your gateway to a fabulous time during your studies at Nord University

Student host Øystein Stømsnes will be available in his office at the B-entrance of campus at Mørkved.

Telephone: 920 67 013

E-mail:  ost@studentinord.no

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