Student Hosts Top 10 Home by yourself Tips

Eat together(!), learn something new, and - no more FOMO! Find many great tips for your new everyday life.

Student Hosts Top 10 Tips

Whether you are quarantined or not, we are all advised to stay in our own home as much as possible these days.

Guri, Øystein and Martine are Studentinords Student Hosts, and they are happy to share their best tips for things you can to by yourself to have a little fun, be a little smart, and keep in touch with the outside world.

#1 Read a book

Do you have a book that you wanted to read, but never took the time? Now's your chance. There are many apps that have free trial right now, such as Storytel.

Øystein is currently busy with the book "Educated" by Tara Westover.

#2 Go outside

Fresh air does wonders to your body and mind. Whether you are quarantined or not, you are allowed to go out and breathe some fresh air, just make sure to keep a good distance to other people.

Find a hiking trail, explore new urban areas, walk around the building or up a small mountain peak. Put your favorite podcast or music on as extra motivation, or simply take in the surroundings with all your senses.

#3 Organize your closet

Boring? No no no, now you have plenty of time! Martine has tried and she can share that it feels really good afterwards. Get rid of clothes you don't use anyway, then the "treasures" will be easier to spot.

#4 Learn something new

Take an online course, watch "how to" movies on YouTube, ask your network if they can show you. It can be anything from drawing, knitting, meditation, guitar or other instruments, cooking or exercise. You can do it!

#5 Enjoy a meal Together(!)

Yes, it is certainly possible. Set the table and invite friends and family to a meal on Skype, Teams or Facetime.

#6 Call a friend

Or yor siblings, grandma, your aunt - imagine how happy they will be! Take care of each other. Nice for you, nice for them.

#7 Home workout

There are many possibilities for home workout.

  • Martine recommends the great YouTube profile Yoga with Adriene. An endless number of yoga lessons for many different purposes. Easy and accessible, something for everyone.
  • Guri has tested group training on live-stream video and thinks it works surprisingly well. Find out what your fitness center offers online, or organize group training on video with friends!
  • Øystein's mantra is "The best workout is the workout you actually do". Don't put the bar too high - make sure you get some exercise every day. 
  • The training app Mized is also a hot tip - several great home workouts with little equipment or just your own body weight. On YouTube you will find effective workouts without equipment. Try searching for full body workout no equipment.

#8 Write a diary

Can you imagine how exciting it will be to read about this later!

#9 Food and drink

Remember to eat enough food and drink enough water. If you are in quarantine you can get someone to shop groseries for you. Some stores deliver food at your door, and there are also local Facebook groups where people offer to help. Try to eat varied. Paint your plate with the colors of the rainbow!

#10 No more FOMO

Now is really the time to calm down. Breathe with your stomach - especially if you feel anxious.

Now you actually have the opportunity to relax at home in the evening, without FOMO. No one else does anything exciting anyway!

Student Counsellors Bonus Tips: keep to your routines

Try to get up in the morning, and keep to your routines. It can help you to sleep well at night and also help with your productivity.

If you find this difficult or want to talk to someone, you are welcome to contact the Student Counsellors. They are here for you!

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