Student associations in Levanger

At Campus Levanger you find a sports club, the student run concert scene Røstad scene, a student choir and several other student associations.


LSI is a sportsclub where all students are welcome! There are no demands regarding skills or fitness level.

LSI sets up parties every twice a year for all members. There are also club nights where members can buy workout clothes to reduced prices.

There’s a membership fee that helps finance equipment and events. Students on teams that participate in leagues may encounter extra costs related to this.

Please note: participation in practices requires that you sign up beforehand.  Due to infection control there is a limited number of places for each practice. Sign up at each sport/team's Facebook group. 

Groups 2020-2021): 

More information at the LSI Facebook page.


Røstad Scene runs student activities in and around the Røstad Scene venue on campus. It hosts the student pub, concerts, performances and more for students and others.

Røstad Scene has separate groups that have their own specific role, such as running the bar, sound and light during events, artist booking etc.

More information at Røstad Scene on Facebook


Røstad Student Choir has members from all studies on campus. We take on singing commissions from around the country, but if the opportunity presents itself, we will happily travel further. We have choir practice every Monday as well as some seminar weekends. At every rehearsal, we have a cozy break. We also arrange small trips for members and set aside some evenings for socialising.

More information at Røstad studentkor on Facebook

Studeenth Åarjeldajvesne (SÅD)

SÅD is a Sami student association for Nord University students in Trøndelag. SÅD promotes Sami language and culture among students, and at Nord University. 

SÅD wishes to be a meeting point for young Sami people studying at Nord university in Levanger, Steinkjer, Namsos, Stjørdal and Verdal. 

SÅD sets up various events like duodji (craft) nights, crash course in Sami language, movie nights, dinner in the "gamme", culture café, concerts and excursions. hytteturer! There is no membership fee.

To see what's going on, or to get in touch, please see the Instagram account @saad_noerhte.


In Development, or “In Dev”, was started in 2013 by three eager students who wanted to “geek out with other geeks”. In Development is a social forum for students of Gaming and Experience technology (SPO) that focuses on academic and social enrichment. We organise quiz nights, movie nights, game evenings with both consoles and board games, barbeques and various workshops.

More information at "In Development" on Facebook

The Queer Club

The Queer Club is a student organization that offers a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes allies. It’s a space to connect and find likeminded people to spend time with. Everyone is welcome to organize events or meet-ups. Our goal is to host queer movie nights and other sosial events through out the semester.

If interested, you can reach the club on Instagram @queer_student_club_nord 

Pedagogstudentene Nord, Levanger ("Pedagogy students")

"Pedagogstudentene" is the student branch of the teacher's union Utdanningsforbundet. We have our own department in Levanger. In addition to being an interest organization for teacher- and pedagogy students at all levels of the educational system, we have many social events for our members in Levanger. 

Our members are teacher and preschool teacher students, as well as other students with the intention of working within the school system. 

More information at Pegagogstudentene Nord, Levanger on Facebook

Amnesty student Levanger

Are you passionate for human rights and would like to make a difference? Then you can join Amnesty International's student group. Amnesty student set up courses for new members, political actions and, of course, sosical events. 

More about Amnesty student Levanger on Facebook.

Several students are sitting together on a staircase, they laugh, talk and point