The Student host in Mo i Rana

– I want to facilitate the best possible study time for everyone by listening to and being there for the students, the says Student host Martine Mikkelsen.

2019-04-0113:19 Ane Karlsen

Explore the many possibilities of student life

Student host Martine Mikkelsen was born and raised in Mo i Rana, and has moved home after almost eight years in Trondheim. She has studied psychology and counseling, and participated actively in student volunteering within Studentersamfundet, UKA (a cultural festival) and choir singing.

– I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to get participate and get involved. Students often have the freedom to influence the content of their daily life, and student life has so many opportunities to offer, says Martine.

How can the student host help you?

The student host works with informing and providing services to students, and acting as a link between the students, the faculties and Studentinord.

If you have questions about how to register for the exam, who is who at campus, how you can join a student association, how to pay semester fees - or other questions related to your study situation - you are most welcome to contact Martine.

One of the most important things for the student host is to help new students settle in to student life, both academically and socially. Martine will work to coordinate meetings and activities related to "First Semester", which is a collaborative project between Nord University and Studentinord.

In the long term, the goal is to strengthen the student association through counseling, support and guidance, to assist in arranging events for and in collaboration with students, and to develop informal meeting places for the students on campus.

Get in touch

Student host Mo i Rana, Martine Mikkelsen
Tel. +47 481 38 379

Facebook: Studentinord Helgeland
Instagram: Studentinord

The Student host

  • works to ensure that new students settle in well to student life
  • works with you as a new student to ensure you know what it takes to succeed at the University
  • works for you at the university so that new students know what the city of Mo i Rana has to offer
  • is a contact person between students and the University
  • is a contact person between students and Studentinord
  • ensures that you know where to go for anything you might need
  • is your gateway to a fabulous time during your studies at Nord University
Student host Martine Mikkelsen
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