The Student Host at the campuses in Trøndelag

Lise Marie is the Student Host at the campuses in Trøndelag. She can help you get started with the student life.


The student host works with informing and providing services to students, and acting as a link between the students, the university and Studentinord.

If you have questions like who is who on campus, how you can join a student association, social happenings for students or questions related to your study situation - you are most welcome to contact the student host.


The number on priority for the Student Host is to help new students get integratet and take part in the social student life on and off campus.  

In addition to helping individual students, the Student Host is also a guide for student associations. Strengthening student associations through counselling, support and guidance, and assisting in planning of events are important services for maintaining and developing informal meeting places for the students on campus.

Maybe you also have an idea for a social event, or an activity you think should be available for students? Get in touch!

Where can I find the student host?

Lise Marie is regularly to be found at the Levanger and Steinkjer campuses. 

Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The "office" is the red couches at Lesesalen on the first floor in Nylåna (above the library).

Tuesdays and Thursdays.

At Namsos and Stjørdal the activities will be more project and event based. Lise Marie whishes to work with the existing student assiciations and local student councils, and contribute to small and large events and other efforts for the social student life. 

Get in touch

Student Host Lise Marie Steinvik Bagøien
Tel: (+47) 938 65 975

The Student host

  • works to ensure that new students settle in well to student life
  • works with you as a new student to ensure you know what it takes to succeed at the University
  • works for you at the university so that new students know what the city of Levanger has to offer
  • is a contact person between students and the University
  • is a contact person between students and Studentinord
  • ensures that you know where to go for anything you might need
  • is your gateway to a fabulous time during your studies at Nord University
The student host Lise Marie S. Bagøien

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