Student life at Nord University

Student life is about more than lectures, essay writing and exams.

A social and active student life

Welcome to the north! At Studentinord we eager to contribute so you get a positive and inspiring experience from your time at the university.

Take the time to discover and explore your university town. We believe the conditions should be there for you to have a great time as a student, both through events and welfare offers initiated by Studentinord, and the cultural and social happenings that takes place in the university town.

And remember, if you have an active and social life as a student you will perform better at your studies!

Join a student association!

Take the opportunity to participate in the student unions. There are many options for students willing to challenge themselves also in arenas outside of the auditoriums. Students that get involved in the voluntary student life doesn`t only build their CV. Involvement is simply the easiest and best way to a fun and interesting student life.

The first semester - "Første semester"

Your first semester as a student contains so much. You spend time getting to know fellow students and the city you will be living in, and you sure want to study well to get your graduation. It can take time to learn to be a student, and in order to succeed, you must thrive in student life. Studentinord takes a special responsibility for students in their first semester.

Here you can read more about the first semester collaboration and our student hosts.