Vision, goals and values

Studentinord puts the student first and foremost!

2015-12-1712:46 Kjell Pedersen

Our vision

Studentinord's vision is "The student first and foremost".

The vision is important in everything we do, and how we work and what we achieve lies in the words of the vision.

  • The student - because each student is unique
  • First - because our first thought should always be if what we do is for the good of the student
  • Foremost - because what we offer must be best possible, both in terms of quality and in the development of new services

Our main goal

Our main goal is SANT (meaning TRUE).

  • Solid - we must have a sustainable economy that ensures good student welfare for current and future students
  • Attractive - we will develop and provide services that makes Nord University and The Norwegian Police University College first choice for the students
  • New and innovative - we will develop an organization able to look ahead, which has the courage to invest, and the ability to succeed
  • Top - we shall have the most satisfied students in the country

Our values

These values are important to the organizational culture, and form the basis for how our employees behave and relate to each other.

We are committed to creating value together. Through an organizational culture and values project, all employees at Studentinord have contributed to finding and describing the behavior that we believe should reflect our culture.


  • We greet each other
  • We are accommodating
  • We see each other

Openness and transparency

  • We are open and informative
  • In all contexts and at every level
  • We make sure we are oriented

Communication / feedback

  • We provide feedback
  • We are generous and considerate
  • We talk about the difficult cases


  • We show satisfaction of beeing at work
  • Good mood
  • Supportive


  • We are solution oriented
  • We renew ourselves
  • We can do it


  • We deliver
  • Quality in all our services
  • We are proficient in our work

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