Visiting student

See what services you have access to at Studentinord and other student welfare organizations.

National guest arrangement among student welfare organizations 

When you have paid a semester fee to your student welfare organization (studentsamskipnad), you are also eligible for large parts of the services from other student welfare organizations around the country.

The guest arrangement may e.g. be relevant if you take a subject, write a thesis or you are stationed as a trainee/practicant somewhere other than where you usually study.

Guest arrangement at Studentinord

As a visitor, you have access to the following services at Studentinord:

  • Housing
    If you need student housing for a period of time, you may apply for accommodation with Studentinord, and get the same prices as "local" students. Please note that Studentinord assigns housing units based on our Housing assignment regulations wich prioritize different groups of students in periods when there are too few housing units available.
  • Health services
    Health and counselling services is available for students from other student welfare organizations / educational institutions on the same terms as students affiliated with Studentinord. This does not apply to financial support from the health fund.
  • Food and drink
    If you are a visiting student you can freely use our food and beverage offerings at the same prices as students affiliated with Studentinord. Please note that you must be able to show a valid student ID upon request.
  • Kindergarten
    Visiting students may apply for a place in Studentinord's kindergartens. If you need kindergarten for your child only for a limited period, you may give us a call and ask about the capacity.

Services at other student welfare organizations

The guest arrangement gives you access to various services at other student welfare organizations, such as workout, housing, food and beverage, kindergartens and health services. Note that each student welfare organization has different prioritization criteria for some of the services, and that some services are not included in the arrangement, such as reimbursement of health expenses.

See the website of the student welfare organization that is relevant to you, to find out what the guest arrangement includes.